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Business opportunity


Transtar Products, Inc.
767 Warehouse Road
Suite C
Toledo, OH 43615 USA
Fax: 419-385-0747

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Additional profits
Selling the GSV adds dollars to your bottom line. The GSV offers a generous profit margin to dealers, and generates additional installation labor
income, too.

Recurring Revenue
Every GSV you sell offers you the opportunity to receive a recurring stream of additional revenue. When you sell a one year off-site monitoring contract, you'll receive $100 in shared revenue at the completion of the contract. And, you'll receive another $100 at the end of each additional year of monitoring of that customer's GSV.

Service Income
If your customer's GSV reports a problem, who will they call for service? You! And you won't have to do it at the eleventh hour. You'll be able to fit the service call into your normal business schedule. Your customers will be happy you took care of the problem…not angry that the generator "you sold them" didn't work when they needed it.

Volume Discount Plans
Details to come.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
Your customers will appreciate the higher level of service you provide, and their satisfaction and peace of mind will generate return business and enthusiastic referrals.

Value Added Marketing
Set yourself apart from your competitors by offering a complete backup generator system. By offering both backup power and the peace of mind provided by the GSV, your company will provide more than just a promise of power. It will deliver.

Sales and Marketing Support
Transtar's colorful and informative consumer brochure will help you sell the GSV. Our website will offer additional information to the consumer while encouraging the purchase of the GSV from a qualified dealer. A special dealer section of the website will allow order placement and tracking as well as provide any technical information you may need.


GSV300 brochure

Business Opportunity

Dan Bollin,


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MSRP for dealers and manufacturer’s representatives

Generator Self-test Verifier

Generator Self-test Verifier

Land-line (Hardwire)
digital communicator

Wireless digital communicator

Colorful informative sales literature available.
Click the pictures below to view
and download a copy of either Generator Self-test Verifier
sales brochure.

Both documents are furnished in the PDF file type. Files sizes are approximately 1.2 MB each.


GSV200 brochure

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