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Optional off-site monitoring


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Off-site monitoring is available to all GSV users. The Generator Self-test Verifier is shipped ready to add the component necessary to use this optional service. Auxiliary contacts inside the GSV are used to install a land-line (hardwire) or wireless digital communicator that will report a failed test to the Monitoring Center.

To have the GSV monitored customers will need to purchase one of two types of digital communicators.

The types are:

Land-line (hardwire) digital communicator: Requires a telephone line. (POTS)*

Wireless digital communicator:
This communicator works over the airwaves, thus allowing the most isolated location to have protection.

The digital communicator arrives programmed and ready to install. Just connect a few wires and phone the Monitoring Center. A technician will assist in establishing

*Plain old telephone service



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Optional digital communicator

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service and setting up an account. Thereafter, the GSV/communicator combination will report to the Monitoring Center whenever the generator installation needs attention.

In the event of a failed auto-start exercise, Monitoring Center personnel will contact the generator owner and/or the maintenance/service company immediately to notify them that the generator installation requires service. The Monitoring Center is staffed around the clock for continuous coverage.

Generator owners–
let us give you peace
of mind.

As a customer, you can rest assured that whether you are in town or out of town your generator will get service when needed.

See Find a dealer to arrange
a consultation for off-site monitoring equipment choices and fees.

Monitoring is by
Transtar Security and Technologies,
Toledo, Ohio, USA.