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The Need.


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The Generator Self-test Verifier (GSV) was invented to fill a need, specifically: what tells an owner if his standby generator performed the auto start exercise as programmed and
if it passed.

Because we got calls from generator owners after a power outage letting us know that their generator did not start and  how upset they were that they spent thousands of dollars but didn’t have the generator perform as expected, we came to this inescapable conclusion. Here was a need just waiting to be filled.

Sympathetic to owner’s complaints and concerns and wanting to help them out, Dan Bollin, our President, started looking for a solution or device that could meet this need. After much research, he conceived the Generator Self-test Verifier. As a seasoned electrical contractor with years of experience in generator sales and installations, he


knew he and his electrical engineers could design and produce an effective but simple solution to the problem. Now available worldwide, this valuable and comforting new device will provide peace of mind and ensure the generator will perform when needed.

In its back up role, we depend on our standby unit to perform when and as needed, but we also know that a generator is a machine and machines need service. A generator may be on the job for years before maintenance is needed. It may never fail to perform the regular testing cycle in all those years, but you are not sure unless you monitor the test and record or report the outcome. The GSV stands in for you at test time and signals an

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unsatisfactory outcome so
that appropriate action may
be taken.

There are many generators on the market and they produce various voltages and exercise at different times. The Generator Self-test Verifier supports all makes and models, all voltages, all phases and all auto-start exercise programs. It is a universal solution to a universal problem.
GSV features solid state technology and advanced design to assure performance and reliability. The Generator Self-test Verifier is a patent-pending, UL listed device and is backed by a one-year warranty and Transtar’s many years of expertise in both the electrical contracting and security businesses.

Generator owners–If you want to know the answer to the question:
Will the generator start when the power goes out?

Verify...and know.