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GSV200: How it works


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The Generator Self Test Verifier (GSV200) is an electronic device that monitors the generator voltage output. Click to see how the GSV300 adds value and functionality. During a generator auto-start exercise, the GSV200 monitors the voltage for a period of two minutes and checks to make sure that the voltage is in a range of plus or minus 10 per cent of the correct output. If it detects the correct voltage for the prescribed time, it will reset and wait for the next exercise. If the GSV200 does not see the correct voltage for the two minute period, it will then go into the alarm condition, sounding an audible alarm and will close a set of auxiliary contacts. These auxiliary contacts invoke an optional digital communicator, if installed.
See Off-site monitoring

The GSV200 will remain in alarm condition until it is reset manually. At this time it will start the monitoring process again.

The GSV200 supports all voltages:
1 phase 120V-240V,
3 phase 120V-208V,
3 phase 277V-480V,
3 phase 220V-380V,
3 phase 240V,
3 phase 480V.
It supports four different exercise cycles times: 8 days, 15 days, 22 days, and 31 days. The GSV200 also has a five minute test cycle for use in set up.


Generator owners–
let us give you peace
of mind.

It is an alarming fact that during a recent widespread power outage, less than half of the stand-by generators in the affected area started as expected. Have the Generator Self-test Verifier installed with the optional remote monitoring package and you'll know that you're in that "Not to Worry" group of owners who are confident their generators will perform when needed.

What about a generator that doesn’t stop running? Generator runaway is an undesirable and potentially costly malfunction. Although it may have many causes, the best way to detect and correct it is to include a Generator Self-test Verifier in every backup generator installation. The peace of mind and protection gained are an essential addition to any owners maintenance effort.

Verify...and know.


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